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This page is for used firearms and relevant equipment on sale!


AR-10 .308 custom built on an aero precision lower with custom trigger. This was my personal rifle and it shoots sub minute at 100 yards. Rifle is broken in and has just over 500 rounds through it of factory federal ammo included. I used this rifle at a course in Tiger Valley and easily made shots at 800 yards or more.

Model: AR-10

Caliber .308

Status: Slightly Used

Price: $2500 Cash Only

Contact: Mac at


  • .308 Rifle

  • PFI Rapid Reticle 3x-10x Variable Scope

  • 4 Mag Pull 20 Round Magazines

  • Sling

  • Harris Bipod

  • 80 Rounds of Federal Match Premium Ammo

  • Plastic Rifle Case with Foam Insert

  • One Free Class to CDG

More Products Coming Soon!

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