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All Sales Are Final! No Refunds, Period!

Please read our sales policy prior to ordering! Thank you for understanding!

Thank you for choosing ShivWorks Products Group (SPG). We offer a custom line of defensive knives personally designed by Craig Douglas of ShivWorks. Three designs are now available: the signature Clinch Pick, the specialty Push Dagger, and the P’kal, a new product developed in collaboration with Spyderco. Every knife we sell comes with a custom-molded sheath for safe, comfortable concealment. We also sell inert trainer versions of each design, enabling you to train realistically and safely. 

About Craig Douglas

Craig Douglas (a/k/a “SouthNarc”) is the founder of ShivWorks, a consortium of like-minded professionals devoted to training and product development in the emerging field of interdisciplinary problem-solving for self-defense. Craig retired from law enforcement after 21 years of service with the bulk of his career spent in narcotics and SWAT. Since 2003, Craig has been teaching globally under the ShivWorks brand and has conducted coursework on entangled shooting skills in nearly 40 states and nine foreign countries. He has taught for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and to three branches of the U.S. military. Craig’s many years of real-world experience informed every design feature of the ShivWorks Products Group line of defensive blades.

Article written about Craig Douglas by Steve Moses on CCW Safe posted 5/06/2019

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